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Sales Policies


♥ I ship from the UK
♥ My shipping day varies according to when I work and when I get a lift to the post office. I will notify you when I ship out your items, or, alternatively, you can check my Shipping Monitor Spreadsheet, which is updated regularly.
♥ I ship internationally!
♥ Once an item leaves my hands, I'm no longer responsible for it.
♥ Please feel free to ask for a quote before committing to purchase. As a general guide, an international parcel will be about $3 to post, as long as it is under 100 grams. A flat letter (like cards) would be around $2:50 to post.

Prices and Payment
♥ Payment via Paypal ONLY, but I do accept echeques – your parcel will be sent when the cheque clears.
♥ All payments can be sent to thefossilcave{{@}}gmail(.)com as Goods, please.
♥ I will hold; my standard hold time is 3 days, but if you need longer, please ask – I don't bite!
♥ Prices are negotiable.
♥ Your total will be Items + Shipping + Handling and include all fees.

♥ I reserve the right not to sell to any individual
♥ If you're banned from pkmncollectors  , you can't buy from me – I don't accept PM or email offers, sorry!
♥ My feedback post can be found here
♥ I do have a dog, but as a general she is kept away from my items. She is a shedding dog, though short haired, so be aware of this when ordering!
I will ONLY accept trades for the following items:- Wooper/Meganium/Noctowl/Furret kids, Shieldon MegaBlok or Normal Palkia kid. Other than those items, trades are CLOSED. Trades are currently pretty much CLOSED, because I need to save up for Pokémon Black.