Florges [pokémon]

Black and White Cards

Additional Policies

♥ Shipping for just flats in an envelope (protected by stiff card) starts at $2:50
♥ All cards are like new unless otherwise noted
♥ Please take a look at my sales policy post for a full rundown of all the policies, and where to send payment

ALL CARDS ARE MAKE AN OFFER. I am up for trading! Let me know what you've got and we'll make a trade - there are many BW cards I need still!

Florges [pokémon]

Sales Policies


♥ I ship from the UK
♥ My shipping day varies according to when I work and when I get a lift to the post office. I will notify you when I ship out your items, or, alternatively, you can check my Shipping Monitor Spreadsheet, which is updated regularly.
♥ I ship internationally!
♥ Once an item leaves my hands, I'm no longer responsible for it.
♥ Please feel free to ask for a quote before committing to purchase. As a general guide, an international parcel will be about $3 to post, as long as it is under 100 grams. A flat letter (like cards) would be around $2:50 to post.

Prices and Payment
♥ Payment via Paypal ONLY, but I do accept echeques – your parcel will be sent when the cheque clears.
♥ All payments can be sent to thefossilcave{{@}}gmail(.)com as Goods, please.
♥ I will hold; my standard hold time is 3 days, but if you need longer, please ask – I don't bite!
♥ Prices are negotiable.
♥ Your total will be Items + Shipping + Handling and include all fees.

♥ I reserve the right not to sell to any individual
♥ If you're banned from pkmncollectors  , you can't buy from me – I don't accept PM or email offers, sorry!
♥ My feedback post can be found here
♥ I do have a dog, but as a general she is kept away from my items. She is a shedding dog, though short haired, so be aware of this when ordering!
I will ONLY accept trades for the following items:- Wooper/Meganium/Noctowl/Furret kids, Shieldon MegaBlok or Normal Palkia kid. Other than those items, trades are CLOSED. Trades are currently pretty much CLOSED, because I need to save up for Pokémon Black.
Florges [pokémon]

Items for Offer

♥ All items for offer are - Final Price + Shipping and Fees. Please ask any questions in either the questions thread or in a separate comment ♥ Please observe the finish times as listed below. Again, if you have a query, please ask. ♥ The price you bid is the price of the item you pay. If you back out of an offer, I will report you to the moderators and post negative feedback. ♥ No sniping (I.E posting a bid within 5 minutes of the end time). Any auctions which are sniped will be subject to an automatic 15 minute extension. ♥ Payment is required within 48 hours of the end time of the offers/auction. If you need more time, please pre-arrange that with me before you bid! I'm very flexible, so please just ask.
Florges [pokémon]


Hiya! Thanks for either buying from me, selling to me or trading with me - it's very much appreciated!

Suggested Form:

Items Bought/Traded/Sold:-

One request; if you have issue with something I've sold or bought, PM me - I'm certain we can sort it out without leaving negative feedback.

Feedback can be left in the comments section below this post, or here, where my original feedback post is on my journal.

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Florges [pokémon]

Pokemon Plush

 Additional Policies

♥ All plush are shipped inside a plastic bag, which is then placed inside a bubble mailer to protect them from wet weather (and postmen, too!)
♥ Plush shipping starts at $4 and increases according to size and weight
♥ Please take a look at my sales policy post for a full rundown of all the policies, and where to send payment

12-inch Charmander Play by Play Plushie - $5
No smokey smell, very cute, soft and fluffy. You just want to give him a huge hug! He only has his tushie tag attached. 

Small Talking Togepi Keychain Plush - $8
MIP and still works! So cute ;___;

Yamask/Desumasu Banpresto Plush - $15
Mint with tags, absolutely gorgeous plush! He just needs to be in a home with someone who collects him, I feel. High-ish price because I'm quite attached!
Florges [pokémon]

Pokémon Figures

 Additional Policies

♥ All figures will be shipped in a bubble mailer, protected by additional bubble wrap
♥ Shipping starts at $3:50 (including fees), but will increase according to weight and size of the parcel
♥ Please take a look at my sales policy post for a full rundown of all the policies, and where to send payment

Suicune Spinner Figure - $15 (MIP)
This is a bulky item; shipping in the box will be pricey!

Feraligatr TFG Figure - $6

Pikachu TFG Figure - $2

Treecko TFG Figure - $3

2x Corphish, 3 2x Glalie, 1x Munchlax, 2x Wurmple (Snorunt is SOLD) All $1:50 each.

BW Kids:-
Munna - $2
Axew - $4
Pidove - $4
Zekrom - $6
Oshawott - $3
Snivy - $3

BW Kids:-
Darumakka - $4
Sandile - $4
Reshiram - $6
Drilbur - $4
Pansage - $4
Tepig - $3

DX Ho-oh Kid - $6
Togetic Kid - $3

MIP Pikachu Kid (Shinx is SOLD) $3
Dialga, Kabuto & Garchomp Kids Dialga = $4, Kabuto = $2 and Garchomp = $4
MIP Manaphy Movie Zukan, with insert & pokéball $5
MIP Regirock Chou Getto, with ball & insert $3
MIP Cut Rotom Chou Getto, with ball and insert $4
MIP Platinum Spin Rotom Chou Getto $5
Lugia Chou Getto $3

Blastoise Eraser, Psyduck Pencil Topper + Pencil and Poliwag Water Squirter All $1 (Enquire about condition)
Venonat & Krabby ONLY $1 each.

Mini Black and White Binder; holds around 24 cards I think! Inside.
Brand new, $5.
Florges [pokémon]

Pokemon Trading Cards Post

Additional Policies:-

♥ Shipping for just flats in an envelope (protected by stiff card) starts at $2:50
♥ All cards are like new unless otherwise noted
♥ Please take a look at my sales policy post for a full rundown of all the policies, and where to send payment

Holographic Cards

Normal, Grass, Steel, Water & Fighting plate Arceus Holo Cards + Beginning Door
Plates are $5 each or all of them for $20.
Beginning Door is $2 or free with the purchase of all the plates.
Arceus LVX - $10
Ninetales - $4
Drapion - $3

Holographic Cards

Houndoom - $4
Articuno - $4
Articuno - $3
Lugia - $10
Promo Hitmonchan - $4
Sudowudo - $3
Belossom - $3
Fossil Gengar - $4
Deoxys - $5

Non-holographic rares

Feraligatr, Promo Moltres and Dragonite - $2
Crawdaunt, Tropius, Honchkrow, Magmortar, Carnivine, Vespiquen, Skarmory & Mr Mime - $1

Reverse Holo Cards

Marshtomp, Chikorita, Dratini and Articuno - $2
Sneasel, Snorlax, Carvanha, Research Record, Donphan, Psyduck and Magmar - $1:50

Supporters, Energies and Trainers

All $0.75 each.

(Twins (2), Flowershop Lady, Cheerleader's Cheer (2), Black Belt, Team Rocket's Treachery, Sage's Training, Ruins of Alph, Burned Tower, Darkness Energy (2), Rescue Energy, Metal Energy, VS Seeker, Defender (2), Lost Remover (2), Rare Candy, Night Teleporter and Energy Recharger)

Uncommon Cards

All $0.75 each.

(Pidgeotto (2), Wailmer, Vaporeon, Piloswine, Pidgeotto, Togetic, Drifblim, Mime Jnr, Haunter, Nidorina, Flaafy, Bayleef, Gloom (2), Erika's Gloom, Lairon (2), Skuntank, Donphan, Pinsir, Cherrim, Flareon, Flareon (2))

Common Cards

All $0.50 each

(Stantler, Doduo, Eevee, Zubat, Shuppet, Misdreveus, Misdreveus, Nidoran F, Nidoran M (2), Skorupi, Koffing, Mawile (2), Skarmory, Aron, Snubble, Eevee (2), Pidgey (2), Teddiursa (2), Pidove, Patrat, Lillipup, Hondour (2), Hondour, Carvanha, Stunky (3), Magnemite (2), Mareep (2), Hitmonlee, Cubone (2), Sandile, Phanpy, Hitmonchan, Hitmonchan, Sandshrew, Onix, Onix, Makuhita, Ponyta, Cyndaquil (2), Swinub, Magikarp, Mudkip, Crawphish, Psyduck, Combee, Roselia, Chikorita (2), Oddish, Belsprout (2), Yanma, Pineco (2), Pineco (2), Tangela (3) and Scyther).